Throwback to my favorite shoot ever! I have new content coming soon ❤️
P.S. If you enjoyed the joker, I think it’s important to revisit the theme of the movie and apply it to our current reality. Like a lot of media we consume, (eg. Starwars, Avatar the last airbender, the hunger games) Joker was centered around the oppressed standing up to their oppressors. Arthur Fleck lived a life of pain and suffering due largely to the fact that his government and community weren’t there to support people like him. If you understood the reasons behind his resentment, but don’t support social equality movements such as BLM, then I ask you to really think about why that is. The Joker may be fictional, but the themes represented in the film are not. If we side with the oppressed in fictional scenarios, we should not side with the oppressor in reality. Once again, please don’t forget to check out the list of BLM resources featured in my highlights!